Scout Rifle

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RugerM77MarkIIThe scout rifle is a class of all-purpose rifles touted by Jeff Cooper in the early 1980’s.

A scout rifle is a bolt action carbine, usually with .308 rounds, less than a metre in length, and less than 3 kilograms in weight. They’re usually outfitted with optical and iron sights and with a sling for shooting and carrying. Scout rifles are usually capable of hitting man-sized targets out to over 400 metres without scopes. The optical scope is usually mounted forwards rather than backwards, allowing ease of reloading.

The characteristics of a Scout rifle are as follows; An overall length of a metre, unloaded weight of 3 kilograms, aforward-mounted ¬†telescopic sight of low magnification, standard chambering of a .308 Winchester round or a 7mm-08 Remington, and an accuracy with capability of shooting in 2 minutes of an angle or less (4″) at 200 yards/metres. All these features recommend short, thin barrels, synthetic stocks and bolt actions.

The Scout rifle configuration was selected for its utility instead of appearance. Originally, the Scout rifle was an experiment which had proved its value. The scope mounted on the barrel was positioned as such to ease in the sighting line when the rifle is brought to the shoulder.

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Raven Arms MP-25 Ruger Mini-14

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